Business setup and compliance in Indonesia

  • 26th March 2021
  • Online Webinar
  • +6281283492928

Business Setup and Compliance in Indonesia

The global economy is experiencing headwinds due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Indonesia is no exception. But Southeast Asia’s largest economy is poised for a strong recovery, with the International Monetary Fund recently forecasting 6.1 percent growth for the country in 2021.

This is welcome news for investors, but Indonesia has other major attractions, including the fourth largest population of any country, a young work force, reasonable labour costs and political stability. Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s government recently drafted the so-called omnibus law, which will promote ease of doing business in the country and take other significant steps to further attract and retain foreign investors.

This webinar addresses important benefits and challenges of expanding into and operating in Indonesia. It’s delivered by local expert Asif Hayat Malik who know first-hand what it takes to get a business up and running effectively and compliantly in this increasingly popular target country.

We will cover the following topics
  • Why businesses are looking to expand into Indonesia now more than ever
  • Compliance and regulations in Indonesia
  • Permanent establishment considerations and legal entity options
  • Human resources considerations
  • Global mobility and immigration challenges
Our speaker

MAM Corporate SolutionsAsif Hayat Malik

Founder & CEO, MAM Corporate Solutions

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