There are no strangers here; everyone matters, everyone is listened to. At MAM Corporate Solutions, people advance due to talent and performance and not necessarily through long-service or experience.
That is why we look for people who are a bit different – individuals who are original in their thinking and confident in their actions; problem solvers who combine intellect with initiative, and ambition with resolve to understand a client’s needs and deliver the best possible outcome.

Does that sound like you? Can you see yourself responding to the challenges and opportunities that motivate our team members through long and rewarding careers? If so, get in touch.

It is our policy to employ the best qualified individuals for the particular vacancy and provide equal opportunity for the advancement of employees including promotion and training and not to discriminate against any person because of race, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, belief, marital status, disability or age.

We offer a variety of business services and personal services such as:

  • Individual tax consultation and filing
  • Corporate tax consultation and filing
  • Audit and assurance
  • Non-assurance services
  • Due diligence and agreed upon procedures
  • Bookkeeping

We specialise in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Construction industry
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Real Estate
  • Start-ups

benefits and rewards

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors. We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their reality, and align our incentives with their objectives — so they know we’re in this together.

Personal impact, mentoring, and teamwork are just a few of the benefits of building a career at MAM Corporate Solutions.

open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Office administrator/secretary Jakarta Administration 20th June 2019
Would you like to meet?

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Thanks to the efforts of the MAM Corporate Solutions team, we can now sell our products under the banner of the incorporated company. We appreciate how the MAM Corporate Solutions’ team is responsive and informative. The team’s best asset is their consistent communication.

Damara Tiyas
Chief Operating Officer, New Santara Global