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Payroll services

Payroll has a function that will give you insights into your company’s roles in lowering risk related to compliance issues and penalties in Indonesia. Companies in Indonesia are increasingly faced with challenges involving the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape.

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Investor KITAS

To facilitate the foreign investment, Indonesian Government has introduced a new and simplified visa for foreign investors known as Investor KITAS. This new visa has been introduced through Presidential Decree No. 20/2018.

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Indonesian KITAS & Work Permit

If you are a foreigner and wish to setup a company or work legally in Indonesia, you need to get a work permit. The process through Indonesian bureaucracy can be confusing and frustrating. MAM Corporate Solutions can help you to get KITAS & Work Permit so that you are legally allowed to work in Indonesia.

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Social visa

Holiday is surely something everyone craves for after tiring days at the office with tight deadlines. If you have Indonesia as your holiday destination to not only relax but also get to know the country as well as the culture, 30 days of stay may be not enough.

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Spouse visa

You might often think of living together in a country with so many beautiful islands and landscapes. Gili Trawangan, Bali, Raja Ampat, you name it. But being married with an Indonesian doesn’t mean you are automatically granted a visa-free entry in Indonesia. You will have to apply Spouse Visa.

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Business visa for Indonesia

Setting up for visa, work permits, or any other administrative requirements in Indonesia may consume your time much enough. Therefore, you need to know exactly what kind of visa that you actually need. MAM Corporate Solutions can take care of your Indonesian Business Visa application from start to finish.

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