Payroll services

Our payroll services give insights into your company’s roles in lowering risk related to compliance issues and penalties in Indonesia. Companies in Indonesia are increasingly faced with challenges involving the ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape.

Compliance with local taxes, financial accounting department, and processing of payroll demands dedicated time, staffing, and a high level of in-house knowledge; this causes the in-house payroll process to become very complex.

Various types of KITAS

Kitas is a limited stay permit for foreigners in Indonesia. There are various types of KITAS with various time of availability:

  • Investor KITAS (for foreign investment)
  • Working KITAS (to get employment in Indonesia)
  • Student KITAS (for the purpose of education)
  • Spouse KITAS (Wife or husband sponsored)
  • Repatriation KITAS (for ex-Indonesian), and
  • Retirement KITAS (for retirement)

Managing payroll in Indonesia is monthly activity that can be so time-consuming and error-prone. MAM Corporate Solutions provides a cost-effective, secure and compliant payroll data processing service that meets Indonesian regulations.

The primary purpose of cooperating with us is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct withholdings and deductions and to ensure the remittance in a timely manner. This includes salary payments, income tax, deduction from a paycheck, and BPJS related.

Benefits of our payroll services

MAM Corporate Solutions provides a cost-effective, secure and compliant payroll data processing service that meets Indonesian regulations and provides benefits for your business needs:

  1. Free up your time and resources for more business critical work.
  2. Leave the hard-work of payroll data processing to the professionals.
  3. Your data will be kept confidential while it is being processed.
  4. No more costs for additional staff or infrastructure to process payroll.

What is included in payroll services?

We perform the following tasks for the client as part of our payroll services:

  1. Perform calculation of salaries and allowances to be paid.
  2. Perform calculation of tax article 21 to be paid.
  3. Perform calculation including report submission and payment of monthly withholding taxes.
  4. Prepare and arrange payment and reporting of article 21 taxes and submit monthly returns.
  5. Prepare salary slips if needed by client.

How MAM Corporate Solutions can help?

Every business is different, so we have created a range of delivery models to provide you with the solution that best suits your needs. MAM Corporate Solutions provides the support, tools and resources required to simplify the payroll process giving you more time to focus on growing at scale.

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