Financial Accounting – Foundations

  • 7th October 2018
  • Sky House Exhibition Centre, Meeting Room

Financial Accounting – Foundations

This seminar will teach you:

  • The importance of financial accounting.
  • Basic understanding of “debit” and “credit” and how journal entries are recorded.
  • Flow of financial accounting from recording to audited financial statements.
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements with the help of financial ratios.

Please note that this seminar does not require participants to have any prior experience with accounting. It is designed for anyone who is interested to learn about financial accounting.

event program
  • 2:00 PM — 2:10 PM
    Brief introduction of Sky House by Eveline
  • 2:10 PM — 2:20 PM
    Brief introduction to IDCourserians Community
  • 2:20 PM — 2:30 PM
    Brief introduction of MAM Corporate Solutions
  • 2:30 PM — 3:45 PM
    Seminar – Financial accounting foundations
  • 3:45 PM — 4:00 PM
    Networking session
our speakers

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and Financial Accounting experts from MAM Corporate Solutions

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Thanks to the efforts of the MAM Corporate Solutions team, we can now sell our products under the banner of the incorporated company. We appreciate how the MAM Corporate Solutions’ team is responsive and informative. The team’s best asset is their consistent communication.

Damara Tiyas
Chief Operating Officer, New Santara Global