Indonesian visa (KITAS) for Indian Nationals

Before we discuss Indonesian KITAS for Indian nationals and how Indians can apply this KITAS, let us first understand why it can be very promising for Indians to come to Indonesia both tourism-wise as well as business-wise.

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As we all know, Indonesia is a country with a growing economy, rich culture, diverse resources and ample opportunities for those people who have specialized skills with an Indonesian KITAS visa (working visa). There is a huge number of opportunities for skilled people, especially in Jakarta. Some of the sectors with a huge number of business opportunities include the electronics sector, automotive sector, chemical sector, biomedical sector, mechanical engineering sector and education sector.

Approximately  250,000 Indians expatriates live in Indonesia, and they are involved in various areas such as IT, hotel chains, engineering, garment, finance, education, advertising agencies and production houses. If you are an Indian national and looking for opportunities to work or open a business chain in Indonesia, here are few important insights you should know about how to apply KITAS for Indian nationals.

KITAS for Indian nationals and other visa options

There are certain types of visa for Indians if they wish to get a job or expand their business in Indonesia, the largest country in Southeast Asia.

During the first visit to Indonesia,  Indians do not have to hold working visa or Indonesian KITAS. Instead, if they just want to survey the Indonesian market and not to gain income from any business activity, they can have a vise-free entry. Visa on arrival (VOA) for Indians is now less complicated. The only requirements are to have a passport with at least 6 months validity and blank visa pages on the passport so that visa can be stamped at the port of arrival. Visa on arrival is a single-entry visa which cannot be extended.

Besides the visa on arrival (VOA) for Indians, social and cultural visa is another type of visa available to Indians (not recommended though if you  wish to stay for more than 60 days). This visa type requires a sponsor from Indonesia. This visa can be extended however Indian nationals cannot carry out business activity on this visa type.

Indian investors or Indian workers need to stay longer in Indonesia and therefore they need this type of visa. This visa is not free for Indians and there is certain fee for this visa application. A business visa and working visa (Indonesian KITAS) is valid for 60 days (extendable) and can be single-entry or multiple-entry. However, in order to apply for this visa, one has to deal with more than one authority in Indonesia such as the Ministry of Manpower, the Indonesian Immigration Office and the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

How to setup a business entity in Indonesia?

Getting working visa, business visa, or KITAS is just the easier part for Indians in the whole process of moving to Indonesia. The difficult part is to setup a business entity which can be time consuming and sometime complicated. This is because foreign investment companies in Indonesia are regulated by government of Indonesia and not all business sectors are open to foreign investors. Business sectors can be classified as follows:

  1. Business sectors that are completely closed to foreign investors.
  2. Business sectors that are partially open for foreign investors and are subject to certain restrictions.
  3. Business sectors that are open to foreign investors.

The details about which business sectors is open and which business sector is close for foreign investors is given in the Negative Investment List (NLI) issued by government.

If Indians want to invest in Indonesia in a particular business sector which is open for foreign investment then Indians can establish a Foreign Investment Company. Learn more about how to setup Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA) here. If Indians wants to start a business in Indonesia in particular business sector which is closed for foreign investment then they can choose to establish a Local Indonesian Company (PT Local) using nominee shareholders. Learn more about Local Indonesian Company here. To learn more about nominee shareholder company, click here. If as an Indian you are not sure what business should you start in Indonesia, you may choose to just establish a representative office. A representative office can be establish to carry out research and marketing activities before establishing full company. To learn more about Representative office, click here

How MAM Corporate Solutions can help?

It can be very time consuming and complex to apply for Indonesian visa specially the business and working visa. Indonesian immigration rules and regulations are very strict and it can lead to several times of rejection without proper documentation. MAM Corporate Solutions has supported various clients to establish business entities in Indonesia and also get suitable visas to enter Indonesia.

MAM Corporate Solutions provides complete market-entry and visas services and ensures smooth process without any costly mistakes.

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