CG Partner – Asif Hayat Malik

Press Release – Monday, 7 June 2021

MAM Corporate Solutions now representing Indonesia as part of the Centuro Global Network

As announced by Centuro Global, Asif Hayat Malik is now representing MAM Corporate Solutions appointed as a key Global Partner for Indonesia.

Centuro Global is an international organization aiming to ease the global expansion process for all businesses, with the ultimate goal of democratizing access to local expertise in overseas jurisdictions and innovating the delivery of professional services in a post-COVID world.

With this new appointment, MAM Corporate Solutions, will join a powerful network of global expansion experts and encourage further growth into Indonesia.

Centuro Global is committed to collaborating globally to empower world economic development and promoting innovative solutions for start-ups, SMEs and corporates around the world.

The inclusion of MAM Corporate Solutions provides a wide range of opportunities for Indonesia and opens doors for economic development and greater involvement on the global business stage.

Asma Bashir, Chairwoman of Centuro Global welcomes this appointment and states ‘Centuro Global supports startups, scaleups and high-growth businesses scale globally by providing access to valuable knowhow and strategic partners around the world, saving businesses both time and money. We aim to help more companies successfully grow and in turn contribute to both the local Indonesia economy and the world economy as a whole. We strongly believe that this will further be made possible through this appointment and look forward to working closely with MAM Corporate Solutions’.

About Centuro Global

Centuro Global

Centuro Global helps businesses ‘Go Global’ through strategy wrapped in a cutting-edge technology platform.

International expansion is normally a complex process with advice often required from multiple parties, covering legal, accountancy, tax, and marketing amongst other considerations, and business owners often find the whole process stressful, time consuming and expensive.

Centuro Global simplifies this process by providing a coherent strategy and roadmap for new market entry and business growth, provided by our in-house team of global expansion experts.

With an exclusive business community of fast growing businesses, corporates, angel and institutional investors, government bodies, business leaders and professional services firms worldwide, Centuro Global elevates businesses beyond boundaries.

About MAM Corporate Solutions

MAM Corporate Solutions is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and provides audit, tax and business consulting services to wide range of clients including individuals, SME and large businesses. We serve wide range of industries and professions. We are committed to providing highest level of professional and personalized services in a cost and effective manner. From individual tax planning service to complex corporate audits and consulting engagements, you can find all services at MAM Corporate Solutions.

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    Thanks to the efforts of the MAM Corporate Solutions team, we can now sell our products under the banner of the incorporated company. We appreciate how the MAM Corporate Solutions’ team is responsive and informative. The team’s best asset is their consistent communication.

    Damara Tiyas
    Chief Operating Officer, New Santara Global