Business advice and consultation

We provide advisory and consultation services to help businesses and individuals succeed.  We are experts at analysing businesses – entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium sized businesses. We discover areas for improvement and help establish ways to address the discussed problems.  We serve business owners and management teams through an active dialogue and written report focused on the opportunities, challenges and issues facing your business, and listing alternative suggestions as possible solutions going forward.

We also provide the following services:

    1. Accounting & bookkeeping
    2. Audit & assurance

Our coordinator will discuss most pressing needs before a team of Business Advisers and Consultants best able to assist you with your unique situation and you will be provided initial recommendations. A range of consultative and mentoring services are available for clients who want additional or on-going support in order to achieve their goals.

Why MAM Corporate Solutions?

Our  Business Advisors sustain success in senior-level management or business proprietorship. Their firm grasp of small to medium sized business fundamentals, critical success factors and problem solving, benefits clients confronted with diverse business challenges.

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    Thanks to the efforts of the MAM Corporate Solutions team, we can now sell our products under the banner of the incorporated company. We appreciate how the MAM Corporate Solutions’ team is responsive and informative. The team’s best asset is their consistent communication.

    Damara Tiyas
    Chief Operating Officer, New Santara Global