External audit

We can help you enhance the credibility of your financial statements by examining the systems and controls you have in place helping you identify a future strategy. Whether you require a statutory audit or value a voluntary audit, we believe the procedure should be about more than just compliance.

Meeting professional standards in our work, maintaining a robust audit approach and making sure you meet your obligations as directors or trustees, are only part of the process. We have a wealth of experience to offer and work with you to ensure your audit is as efficient as possible. We view the audit as an opportunity to learn more about your organisation and the risks it faces – improving our focus, but also giving you useful input for your business, not just your accounts.

Our process

  • After our initial discussions with you, we combine our knowledge of the business, its activities and environment, and our experience of the sector to come with an in-depth plan
  • Once the audit plan has been agreed upon with you, we collectively set the timescale and key dates going forward
  • We carry out an independent review of your business and advise you on systems and controls
  • Utilising the latest technology in auditing and accounts production software, we ensure that your financial statements are compliant, well-presented and create a positive impact
  • We provide you with a comprehensive management letter, which summarises the audit findings
  • Meet with you to discuss the audit and highlight the risks and opportunities that our process has identified

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