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To be able to work in Indonesia, you should have an Indonesian KITAS work permit. If you are a foreigner and wish to set up a company or work legally in Indonesia, you need to get an Indonesian KITAS work permit. The process through Indonesian bureaucracy can be confusing and frustrating. MAM Corporate Solutions can help you to get KITAS Work Permit so that you are legally allowed to work in Indonesia.

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There are two types of KITAS Work Permit in Indonesia for foreigners:

  • ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas) which is a limited stay permit
  • KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) is a permanent stay permit that is only available for foreigners who already have held ITAS

General requirements for KITAS work permit in Indonesia

Foreigners cannot just relocate to Indonesia and start a job. Instead, they must first apply for a KITAS work permit. Given below are some general requirements you need to know in order to obtain a KITAS work permit in Indonesia:

  • Education related to the job position for your future employer in Indonesia
  • Certificate of competence; this could also be a working experience related to the position
  • Life insurance or proof of health for your stay in Indonesia

Is there any age restriction for KITAS Work Permit?

There are no general requirements that specify your age. This means that you are eligible to have a KITAS work permit at any age. But for some industries, there may be an age requirement, for example, you must be between 30 – 55 years old in order to work in the oil and gas industry. But for the highest-level positions in a company, such as Director and Chief of Representative Office, there are no age restrictions

How do you get a KITAS work permit in Indonesia?

The process of getting a work permit is long, which can take up to one month until you have permission to work legally. The detailed process of getting a work permit in Indonesia is as follows:

RPTKA or Foreign Manpower Employment Plan approval is needed for your future employer to use foreign workers, before applying for the stay permit visa. The employer must fill in the form – Letter of Announcement (SPT) as well as submitting RPTKA (Expatriate Placement Plan) to the Ministry of Manpower. This will be the basis for the issuance of a limited stay permit (ITAS) or in other words KITAS Work Permit.

Next step is to submit application for IMTA as well as foreigner’s complete data such as passport number, period of work, education certificate, work experience and so on. The Ministry of Manpower will then approve IMTA in no longer than two working days.

What is the difference between VITAS and ITAS? VITAS is limited stay visa, which will be the basis for you to then have ITAS, a limited stay permit. The employer must submit an application for VITAS to the BKPM. Once you held an ITAS, you are allowed to obtain employment, salary, and opening bank account.

After you have ITAS, you can apply for KITAS Card and Blue Foreigners Registration Book, which records your immigration status. This will grant you for a stay in Indonesia up to two years with up to two years extension each year. Hence you will have a maximum stay of six years.

The whole process until you have KITAS Work Permit in your hand can be complicated enough. You must take notes of all the requirements and the documents needed. Make sure you have everything that is required so that there won’t be any rejection of your application.

How MAM Corporate Solutions can help to get KITAS Work Permit?

MAM can help you and give the best guidance through this KITAS Work Permit Indonesia application process. We deliver you with services that are suitable for your business, from manufacturing industry, educational institutions, to real estate and start-ups.

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