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Holiday is surely something everyone craves for after tiring days at the office with tight deadlines. If you have Indonesia as your holiday destination to not only relax but also get to know the country as well as the culture, 30 days of stay may be not enough.

MAM Corporate Solutions can also help you with following Indonesian visas

Do you qualify for Indonesian 30 days visa-free visit?

Meet new people, make friends with friendly locals, or even find the love of your life in Indonesia. Getting a Social Visa could be your best choice which will give you stay in Indonesia for up to 180 days.

Social Visa or also known as Cultural Visit Visa is needed for foreigners who want to visit Indonesia for a social/cultural visit, for example, visiting friends and relatives or educational exchange and attending training programme in Indonesia. This is a single entry visa which is valid for 60 days, with the extension available for up to 180 days of stay.

It is important to know that although social visa can grant you access for an educational purpose as well as training programme, you are still not allowed to conduct business activities or take up any employment. For this purpose, you need a Business Visa and a Work Permit.

What do you need to get social visa

First of all, you need a sponsor. It could be your friends or relatives who reside in Indonesia. This is the most important part because without a sponsor letter from Indonesian citizen living in the country, you cannot obtain a social visa.

Requirements for the sponsor

  • Sponsorship / invitation letter from your sponsor relatives, friends, or agent
  • Copy of KTP (ID card) of the sponsor
  • Evidence of sufficient funds; e.g. bank statement copy

Requirements for the applicant

  • Passport copy with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • Visa application form
  • Colored passport size photo ( 4 x 6 )
  • Bank statement dated less than a month or traveler’s cheque
  • Travel itinerary such as proof of bookings

The process of social visa can take up to 3 working days. Applying for this visa may seem the easiest way for tourists who want to stay longer than 30 days in Indonesia. But if you are not familiar with the requirements or even do not have relatives or friends who are eligible to act as a sponsor,

How MAM Corporate Solutions can help?

We at MAM Corporate Solutions, with out vast knowledge and expertise, can guide you all the way through the process of getting a social visa. We deliver only the best services to our clients.

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