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Had the best holiday in Lombok and your heart stolen by a beautiful Indonesian national? You might often think of living together in a country with so many beautiful islands and landscapes. Gili Trawangan, Bali, Raja Ampat, you name it. But being married with an Indonesian doesn’t mean you are automatically granted a visa-free entry in Indonesia. You will have to apply Spouse Visa.

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Do you qualify for Indonesian 30 days visa-free visit?

Spouse Visa is a temporary resident visa which has a validity of one year, which can be extended during the stay of the foreign spouse in Indonesia. There are actually two types of spouse visas: Spouse-sponsored KITAS and spouse-sponsored KITAP.

  • KITAS: Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Limited Stay Permit) which is valid for one year
  • KITAP: Kartu Izin Tinggal Permanen (Permanent Stay Permit) which is valid up to 5 years, one step away from full citizenship!

Both KITAS and KITAP can also function to grant a stay for foreigners who wish to work in Indonesia, including receiving salary and opening bank account. In that case, the employer usually act as a sponsor to get KITAS & Work Permit. While in spouse visa, your Indonesian spouse will act as the sponsor for you, therefore it is called spouse-sponsored KITAS.

General requirements for spouse visa in Indonesia

Marriage in Indonesia is regulated by law, and it is only legitimate when the marriage is performed in accordance to the regulations and religious beliefs of the couple in Indonesia. To formally register your marriage in Indonesia, you will need the following documents:

  • Official Marriage Certificate, which is approved by the government in Indonesia. This can be performed in Kantor Urusan Agama and Kantor Catatan Sipil. or
  • Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) and marriage certificate, if you get married outside Indonesia. Both documents will be later translated into Indonesian. You need to register your marriage book to Kantor Catatan Sipil (Civil Department) who will then issue your Surat Keterangan Menikah.
  • Indonesian ID Card / KTP of the Indonesian spouse citizen
  • Family Registry / KK of the Indonesian spouse citizen
  • Personal Saving Book of the Indonesian spouse citizen

Steps for obtaining Spouse-Sponsored KITAS

This includes preparing documents such as valid passport, marriage certificate, and all the documents needed for the spouse visa as mentioned above. The approval of VITAS will later be issued by the Indonesian Immigration Office in Jakarta, which will take approximately 5 working days.

After the foreign spouse have the VITAS, it is time to converting it into KITAS. During this process, the foreign spouse is not allowed to leave Indonesia, or the VITAS will be invalid. KITAS in valid for 6 months up to one year, which can be extended in a total of 5 years.

The foreign spouse with KITAS must then register to Kantor Catatan Sipil (Civil Department) in no more than 14 days after KITAS issued.

Once KITAS in your hand, you might want to consider converting it into KITAP but this can only be done after two years of your marriage.

Why should you convert KITAS into KITAP?

Why convert to KITAP? KITAP can be renewed every 5 years, with total of 25 years. Also it is only one step away to permanent citizenship!

How MAM Corporate Solutions can help?

MAM Corporate Solutions has vast experience and expertise in handling the spouse visas for foreigners. You can save your time by using our service. MAM Corporate Solutions can help you get your spouse-sponsored KITAS and guide you through the whole process. We deliver our clients only the best service.

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