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MAM Corporate Solutions provides you the easiest and the fastest way to conduct business activities in Indonesia. We offer fully furnished Serviced Offices and Virtual Offices that does not need any maintenance and are ready to move in.

As one of the fast emerging economies in the world, Indonesia’s economic prospects offer plenty of business opportunities. Investors who want to start business in Indonesia are required to have an office to establish a company. However, it is not always possible to rent or own an office right from the beginning. This is because new businesses usually need some time to start earning enough to pay for expensive offices. This is where Virtual Offices by MAM Corporate Solutions comes in.  

Indonesia has the largest population in Southeast Asia with a staggering 74 million middle-class and affluent consumers (MAC) (Read more at Indonesia Investments: Indonesia’s rising consumer class). It has complicated rules and regulations that govern business investments. Therefore, foreigners who want to open a business in Indonesia need to follow the investment rules which are very complicated. MAM Corporate Solutions helps you as foreigners to make investments in Indonesia. According to the rule, there are two legal entities that can be chosen for your investment in Indonesia:

    1. Foreign representative office, and
    2. Foreign direct investment companies (PT. PMA)

To read more about how to establish a Foreign Investment Company (PT PMA), click here.

What is a Virtual Office?

Conventional offices are physical offices that need to be furnished and require maintenance. On the other hand, a virtual office is just an office address which can be used to fulfil the requirement of an office address needed at the time of establishment of a company. Virtual office is a real workplace in a prestige area in Indonesia, for instance, in Jalan Sudirman, the heart of Jakarta’s business area, that provide business address service for a fee. Virtual office plans come with additional services such as access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, fast internet, trained receptionist to receive your calls, sms & emails and notify you of any incoming posts. Virtual office does not need any maintenance and client can conduct business activities from a different place such as home. However, when required, client can hold meetings at these virtual offices which preserves and improves the company’s image. If you don’t have domicile letter for your PT Local (perseoran terbatas translated as Limited Liability Company), MAM Corporate Solutions’ virtual office comes with facility of domicile letter and other documents required for the establishment of a company.

The benefits of a Virtual Office

    1. Having virtual office lowers operational business expenses because business does not have to make any rental payments for office space or maintenance of office.
    2. Having virtual offices means no commute time and stress reduction. Clients as business owners can allocate their valuable time to vital activities of the business without reducing their leisure time with family and the people they love. Similarly employees can also work from home or any remote location which make them happier and more productive.
    3. Having a virtual office means better image and branding of client’s business. It is all because virtual offices are located in strategic business locations. No matter how small client’s business is, if there is a meeting with any business contact, meeting can be held at the strategic business location at an affordable price.

How can MAM Corporate Solutions help?

MAM Corporate Solutions offers the best virtual office solutions which are affordable without any complicated process. Choose your virtual office package and start developing your business today.

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